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5 Ways on How the Latest Bike Models Integrate Robotics into Their Designs

Technological innovations are transforming the way people live and communicate with one another. Such changes have been experienced in all sectors of life from entertainment to transportation. So it comes as no surprise that the motorcycle industry is filled with new attractions and advanced technologies that have improved the motorcycle production process.

The development of new top-notch technology has allowed companies to design and produce high-end motorcycles that would have been difficult to conceptualize years ago. These new models of motorbikes not only offer increased safety features for the riders, but they also improve the performance of the motorcycles as well.

One area of innovation that has affected motorcycle production immensely is the field of robotics. Robotics refers to a branch of technology that handles the design, construction, and application of robots in day to day life. Robot related research has improved over the years to transform how motorcycles are created and tested.

The result of using robotics for the manufacture of motorcycles has led to a more interactive bike that offers a more immersive experience for the rider. Since robotics has been used for years for the production and assembly of other vehicles, it is about time that motorbikes enjoyed the advances that come along with robotics – man, they’ve definitely outdone themselves, these manufacturers… if you’ve seen some of the most advanced bikes, you’d think they’d start using them for robot battles or something! Here are 5 we can think of off the top of our heads.

Artificial Intelligence

Successful motorcycle company Kawasaki has plans fit a new bike with artificial intelligence technology that was developed by Cocoro SB Corp. The technology will allow the bike to communicate with the rider, recognize the rider’s emotions as well develop a personality that fits in with the rider’s character.

Advanced Sensors

Robotics can also be used to advance sensor technology. For instance, this robotics technology warns you when a car is approaching your motorbike fast, or it suggests the speed that one requires to navigate a sharp turn or bend.

High Precision Gps

Robotics is bound to improve GPS efficiency in a manner that helps riders navigate harsh environments autonomously and semi-autonomously. The technology is also slated to improve high precision satellite navigation that is lacking in most traditional motorcycle GPS tools.

Riding Assist Features

The Riding assist feature such as the one found in Honda’s motorcycle allows the motorbike to remain stable, without the assistance of a human rider. This new robotics technology is created to allow riders to keep the bike steady at low speeds or at traffic stops.

Self Driving Capability

Companies such as Yamaha have produced a high-end motorcycle riding humanoid robot known as MOTOBOT. MOTOBOT is completely autonomous and has calculations that help it steer the bike, just like a human rider would.

Obviously bikes that are decked out in all of these bells and whistles cost you a small fortune – that’s why, on a specifically and not specifically related note, maybe you’d be better off starting with an exercise bike – you know, the one that gets you good workouts, and actually adds value to your life (via
They are just as technologically advanced as these ones. At least for now!