A Brief History of and Some Notable Inductees to the Robot Hall of Fame

Did you know that there is a hall of fame for robots? In case you have been spending too much time in your garage, fixing or installing a brand new garage opener, or working on another woodworking project, there really is a Robot Hall of Fame that has been around since 2003. It was created to recognize robots that have contributed a lot to the society.

Who selects the inductees?

The selection group that picks which robots are inducted to the hall of fame includes writers, designers, researchers, and scholars. They nominate robots anonymously in the following categories: Entertainment, Research, Industrial and Service, and Education and Consumer. The robots who garner the top three ranks in each category are then thrown into an online public voting. The final inductees are decided on which ones get top marks based on 50% of the experts’ votes and 50% of the public vote.

Notable inductees

A robot that won the heavyweight championship six times, Biohazard is one of the robots in the inaugural inductee class. Selected unanimously, it is considered to be the most successful in the history of robot battles, with a total of 27 wins and only 3 losses. It was built, designed, and created by Carlo Bertocchini, who is from Belmont, California.

Inducted in 2007, Cassius is a British combat robot designed and built by Rex Garrod. It is known for its pneumatic flipper, which is considered an innovation in the world of Robot Wars.

Also from the inaugural class, Hazard was a Team Delta robot, built and controlled by Tony Buchignani. It participated in the first, third, fourth, and fifth seasons of BattleBots, and showed off its spinning blade on top and other weaponry. It is among BattleBots’ most successful robots, emerging as the victor in the middleweight championships in seasons 1, 3, and 4.

Recognized as the pioneer of the weapon known as the wedge, La Machine was a fast and strong machine that took part in the last three Robot Wars competitions in the United States. One of its signature moves was charging straight to its opponents and causing them to fly into the air. It was the champion of the 1995 BattleBots middleweight class, but finished a runner-up at the 1996 and 1997 heavyweight class contests, losing to BioHazard both instances.

What are honorable mentions?

There are robots that have fallen short of making it to the final list of inductees, but were arguably popular in their own rights, getting votes on at least a quarter of the total ballots in induction years. They are known as honorable mentions, and they are eligible to be fully inducted to the hall of fame in the future.