Robot Combat Facts – Overview on the History and Development of Robot Combat

If you love watching sci-fi television shows or movies that feature robots that go up against each other, you will surely like robot combat. A hobby that uses custom-built robots that are designed with various weapons and combat abilities, it is a fun and exciting interest that you can include to your weekend activities after playing foosball on that table with great foosball reviews.

The beginnings of robot combat

The earliest robot combat contest occurred in the 1980s. In 1987, a competition called Critter Crunch was organized by the group Denver Mad Scientists Society, and it was held at the MileHiCon sci-fi convention in Denver.

In 1991, DragonCon in Atlanta hosted its first robot combat contest called “Robot Battles,” which was organized by Kelly Lockhart. A few years later, in 1994, another competition was held, this time it was called Robot Wars, and it was held in San Francisco and organized by Marc Thorpe.

Robot combat on television

A television series called Robot Wars was produced by British TV, and it premiered in 1997. It featured robots going through obstacle courses and taking part in competitive games and simple combat matches. Between 1997 and 2003, the show came out with 151 episodes.

In 1999, Robot Wars’ American counterparts worked with Battlebots, which was a tournament that aired as a webcast. A year later, Comedy Central picked it up and became a weekly program on television. It ended in 2002, after five seasons.

In 2001, The Learning Channel aired a weekly series called Robotica, a show that showcased the speed, power, functions, abilities, and maneuverability of different robots. It had a total of three series and ended in 2002.

In the past couple of years, BattleBots and Robot Wars have been announced to make a return on television. ABC aired BattleBots’ second season over the summer of 2016, while BBC2 announced the return of Robot Wars in 2016.

Robot designs and combat weapons

To successfully defeat an opponent, a robot should possess the right weapons and features that can damage the other, as well as protect itself. Among the most basic weaponry that a robot should have include a rammer, which allows them to repeatedly crash into the other robot to cause damage; saw blades, to slice through the other robot’s armor and other parts; and lifter, to be able to get the opponent off the ground, preventing it from retaliating.

Robot combat weight classes

Robots that participate in combats come in various sizes and shapes, and they are grouped according to their weight. The smallest ones may fall under the nanoweight category, which is for robots that weigh 25 grams, while the biggest ones may fight in the super heavyweight group, which is for 154-kilogram robots.